Automotive Tapes Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE

At Barbhaya Industries, we offer quality Automotive Tapes to customers in the automotive industry. Whether you require designed tapes for lettering, mounting interior fittings, or kick plates, our automotive tapes can help you with surface protection.
Using Automotive Tapes helps cut costs, streamlining manufacturing, and improve quality in all vehicle assembly sections.

Available Sizes - 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4


Permanent bonding of body side moldings, trims, and emblems to exterior body car surfaces.
Surface protection and mirror assembling.
Cable mounting and wrapping during assembly, transport, and the automotive’s lifetime.
Paint Masking
Cover parts of die-cut parts.
Transportation and Production surface protection.
Vibration and Sound damping.
black electrical insulation tape wrapping on bunch of wires
Protection and bundling of wire harnessing.
blue electrical insulation tape wrapping on eletric cable
Management of temperature in places like firewalls, starters, fuel lines, and floorboards.
Wire and cable system abrasion protection.
Reduction of rattles and squeaks with the low friction coefficient and high resistant abrasion products.


Essential features of Automotive Tapes include:
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Barbhaya Industries has had long experience as an Automotive Tapes Manufacturer and Supplier. We are a versatile Automotive Tapes Dealer, and we cater to the automotive market with various ranges of Automotive Tapes. Our products are consistent and are of the best quality that exceeds expectations and meets your needs.

At Barbhaya Industries, we have knowledge and experience with Automotive Tapes, and we surpass challenges. Our customers trust us to provide and deliver quality products; hence we have lasting partnerships with customers. We offer quick responses, turn around, and on-time deliveries on orders. We provide designs to Automatic Tapes to meet particular needs and make our customers’ lives much more manageable.

We are leaders in the packaging and adhesive industry. At Barbhaya, we create world class products for the packaging industry locally. We are available round the clock and flexible to work with.
We stick by you!
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