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BOPP Tapes are the most popular used tapes in the Packaging and Logistics Industry. BOPP Tapes are popular because of the unique molecular structure that offers the best optical and mechanical properties. The properties of BOPP Tapes are helpful in various applications, such as packaging.
Barbhaya Industries offer a wide range of BOPP Tapes and is a trustworthy organization as a BOPP Tape manufacturer. It has the best value results of the best quality BOPP Clear Tape. It has years of experience as the best BOPP Tape Suppliers to customers, and the factory is known to be the fastest-growing BOPP Tapes Manufacturer and Supplier.
The BOPP Tapes can hold heavy cartons since it has tough peel strength on the surfaces applied. The product is suitable for custom packing, labeling, bundling products, and carbon sealing. The Bopp Tapes are useful for manual dispensers and automatic packing machines.

Available Sizes - 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4


BOPP Tapes are helpful for:
Packaging for cartons, boxes, etc.
They are suitable for bundling and tying various products.
Wrapping products for protection.


  • UV, heat and moisture resistant.
  • Excellent aging characteristics. They are shrink-proof and wrinkle-proof.
  • The tapes perform in high and low temperatures. It has a thermoplastic polymer that is malleable at specific temperatures, and when cooled, it returns to solid.
  • BOPP Tapes are recyclable, which is much needed globally today.
  • It is handy during transportation and termed to be biaxially oriented.
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Bopp Tapes remains to be the best choice amongst various clients.

  • They show strong adherence to harsh and dry surfaces.
  • The BOPP Tapes offer protection from unbearable weather conditions, aerial oxidation, and warmth.
  • Keeping customer’s expectations in mind, the BOPP Tapes assists hand-crafted sealing of cartons, labeling, and packaging.
  • It has a good performance since it is safe having an excellent shrinking rate. It also has a high cushioning rate.
  • The BOPP Tape is thin in thickness and lightweight.
  • It is affordable
  • It is puncture resistant


Barbhaya Industries is one of the best BOPP Tape Manufacturer and Suppliers, providing excellent quality products. We offer extensive selections of high-performance stress-sensitive tapes useful for static applications and demanding dynamics.

We aim to provide customers with different packaging and packing materials. We know the best direction to take with our customers when supplying our high-quality and affordable products with our years of experience. We are well aware of the latest packaging material industry trends, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Therefore, we have satisfied many customers and enjoy being a part of the packaging material industry. Our customers’ interests are our focus, and we always ensure that our clients appreciate our products as we make them available. We provide timely delivery as demanded by our customers, and they are assured of quality even as we meet deadlines.

We are leaders in the packaging and adhesive industry. At Barbhaya, we create world class products for the packaging industry locally. We are available round the clock and flexible to work with.
We stick by you!
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