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We are the leading bubble wrap suppliers in the UAE. Bubble wrap is a great invention that protects fragile items during shipping. It’s also fun to pop:) We use it to protect valuables and wrap items, so they don’t get damaged. However, bubble roll is not just a packing material; it has many other uses.

Because of its low cost, Bubble wrap is easy to find in most stores, but you can also buy it online if needed. The bubbles are made of plastic, so they are waterproof and resistant to rips or tears.

When properly used in packaging, bubble wrap may help prevent damage or scratching of objects during the shipment process. It is commonly used in packaging fragile electronic devices like computers and televisions. It also transports art pieces and other large, fragile household goods. Get your bubble wrap in Dubai from us now!


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Barbhaya Industries is focused on excellence in technological upgrades and quality. Customer service and innovation continue to help us with the changing trends globally. We are experts in providing the best aluminium tape products and have been serving clients in various industries with quality products and timely delivery.

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All products exceed and meet the highest quality standards by consumers, and being an Aluminium tape manufacturer; we aim for customer satisfaction. Perfect services and excellent quality remain our focus as the best Aluminium tape suppliers. It is our never-ending endeavor to satisfy and serve customers with cutting-edge products.


Barbhaya Industries are the best Aluminium foil tapes manufacturers and delivering products timely so you can choose us and trust us for all your needs.
alluminium tapes
It is weather resistant making it effective when placing under humidity or extreme conditions. Therefore, it is also best for the packaging industry.
It works well for sealing content, protection from moisture or heat.
Aluminium foil is used for repairing roofs, construction industry, fiberglass or thermal insulation, metal gutters.
One can use Aluminium tapes for electric cables since it can withstand high and low-temperature material.

Advantages of using our bubble wrap roll in Dubai

Bubble wrap makes a great insulator against impacts. It’s ideal for those who want to transport something fragile but don’t want to risk it getting damaged. That is especially helpful for home improvement projects since there are many things that the impacts can break of heavy objects being dropped or thrown onto them. This lightweight material is easy to pack and store, making it convenient for any homeowner who needs to use it.
Can also reuse bubble wrap. When you’re finished with your current project and want to move on to another, you can easily turn bubble wrap into a makeshift packing material. That is convenient and environmentally friendly: the resource isn’t being wasted, as we will use it again in the future! Buy from us as we are the top packaging material suppliers in UAE!
The fact that it’s lightweight is another benefit of using bubble wrap. Some people might think this would make it less effective at insulating, but bubble wrap is so thin that it does not significantly change the weight of its contents. The thinness of the material allows for more room between each bubble, which means that your fragile item will have even more protection than if its package was solid. A fresh sheet of bubble wrap has the potential to relieve stress instantly.
A sheet of bubble wrap can be recycled and reused multiple times, especially if you want to make a new creation, so it is cost-effective. To recycle bubble wrap, put the sheets in a clear bin and put that bin outside in your neighborhood recycling area. Bubble wrap is versatile because you can use it to protect all sorts of things from breakage during shipping from one place to another and prevent damage from bumps and drops. In conclusion, bubble wrap is great for shipping fragile items; it’s easy to recycle; it’s cost-effective; it’s versatile; and, perhaps most importantly, it is a great stress reliever!
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Why Choose Us as your bubble roll manufacturer in UAE?

If you’re looking for a reliable packaging materials manufacturer in the UAE, you’ve come to the right place. Barbhaya Industries has over three decades of experience providing quality products to our customers.

Buying something online can be hard, especially if you’re making that purchase overseas. You don’t know how well your new purchase will stand up against the wear and tear of shipping and handling, let alone if it’s going to fit the needs of your project or business. So why would you want to take those risks? Barbhaya Industries has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality packaging materials for over 30 years. Whether you need bubble roll, pallet wrap, stretch film, or shrink film, we have your needs covered. We can customize most of our products for your specific needs so that you can feel confident that what you receive will work for you.

We understand that when it comes to packaging materials, there are many different factors to consider—the size and shape of your goods and their importance, the logistics involved in getting them from A to B, and the personalities involved in choosing which materials to use.


Minimum of 5-6 years. Bubble wrap is a nice thing to have around the house, but how long does it last? That is a common concern among bubble wrap owners. There are two main factors to consider when considering how long a roll of bubble wrap will last. It depends on the quality of the bubble wrap. Cheap bubble wrap will not last as long as higher-quality bubble wrap. Buy from us – the best bubble roll manufacturer in UAE.
When packing fragile items to ship or store, there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules about how many layers of bubble wrap you should use. It all depends on how fragile the item is and how confident you are in your packing skills—and it’s a good idea to always err on the side of caution. Two layers of small-bubble sheets should be enough to protect most fragile items, but only when another layer of soft packing paper backs them up. Thicker sheets may not be able to form a tight enough seal around something like a vase, while single layers may not be thick enough to protect against bumps and drops. And if your fragile item could break if it gets wet (like electronics), you’ll want to wrap it in towels or newspaper before putting it in the bubble wrap. There are no hard-and-fast rules about how many layers of bubble wrap you should use, but err on caution when protecting your stuff!
We are leaders in the packaging and adhesive industry. At Barbhaya, we create world class products for the packaging industry locally. We are available round the clock and flexible to work with.
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