Custom Printed Tapes Manufacturer in Dubai, UAE

Printed tapes are effective in professionally sealing packages. You can print the tapes with a brand name, custom message, or anything you would require. Printed Tapes helps in assuring customers of quality packaging and establishing your brand. Any form of packing eventually needs tape, and having a printed tape would be great for your business.

Custom Printed tapes have twice as many benefits as ordinary tape. The custom printed tapes are affordable than printing carton boxes, and you can have your company logo on the tapes to make shipments unique and branded.

Barbhaya industry is a Custom Printed Tape manufacturer and Supplier. Our products are used in various industries, which makes us a perfect partner for all packaging needs. We offer highly praised products that have strong adhesion, long durability, and temperature-sensitive tapes. Furthermore, we provide the Printed Tapes in many different colors and sizes to meet customer demand and requirements on time.

There Are Different Types Of Printed Tapes For Various Needs:

  • Water-activated Tape- These tapes are used with corrugated boxes to form a seamless appearance. The tapes create a permanent seal and can be recycled.
  • Pressure-sensitive Tapes- These tapes are versatile and affordable since they have hot-melt adhesive. The tapes are less costly than WAT (water-activated tapes), and they are easy to apply. All you require to apply the tape is a handheld tape dispenser.
Available Sizes - 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4


Printed Tapes can be used for several purposes such as:
Security Packing
Warning Message
Warning Message
Premium packaging

Premium Packaging

Fragile message and much more


Some features of Custom Printed Tapes include:
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Some benefits of using Custom Printed tapes from Barbhaya Industries include:


The brand is the first thing that customers see. Therefore using Printed Tapes makes your brand stand out from the competition and displays professionalism at an enterprise level.



Printed Tapes secure packages from breaching; hence it avoids any tampering during transit. The tapes are best for providing instructions that will reduce error, theft, and injury.


Barbhaya Industries has years of experience delivering any customized Printed Tape from color, performance, depth, or size. With years of experience in being a Custom Printed Tape Manufacturer and Dealer, we strive to market the best deals and quality within the industry. We use quality materials for our products, and we are always can rise to challenges and value our customers’ uniqueness.

We focus on customer satisfaction by fulfilling commitments on time. We experience customer loyalty due to the years of experience of being in the industry; therefore, our customers want to persevere and stick with us for quality products every step of the way.

We are leaders in the packaging and adhesive industry. At Barbhaya, we create world class products for the packaging industry locally. We are available round the clock and flexible to work with.
We stick by you!
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