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Stretch wrapping is a common tool for unitizing products for shipping or transport. For stretch wrapping to be effective, you need to ensure that the product is wrapped well and safely. If wrapping is not taken seriously, the product may be damaged and cause a bad reputation to the business or cause possible safety failures.

A stretch wrap is an elastic plastic wrap that secures products and guarantees that they are bound tightly due to its stretch ability and elastic recovery. Barbhaya Industries offers a wide range of hand stretch film and machine stretch film to logistics and packing businesses according to their needs.


Stretch Films comes in many different types such as: Hand stretch, Color Stretch, UVI Stretch, VCI Stretch, Vented Stretch, Reinforced Stretch, No Cling stretch and Machine stretch. The Machine stretch film is made to be used by a machine and is favored more compared to the hand film since it is efficient, quicker, larger load containment, lower material spent and great safety. There are various types of Machine stretch which include: Cast stretch Blown stretch, Pre-stretch and Hay Baling stretch.

Available Sizes - 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4


wrapped boxes in warehouse
Stretch Film is used to wrap items on pallets and secure the products since the wrap has properties such as stickiness, clarity, high breakage quality, tear resistance and static release.
wrapped tyres with stretch film
Buckets of paint, liquids, and dry goods are commonly wrapped with a heavier gauged stretch wrap.
Strech film wrapped on power cord
Film is used to unitize reels together and can be used to prevent wires from unwinding.
Strech film wrapped on trolley
Palletized and unpalletized tires are often wrapped with stretch film to secure and hold them together.


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  • Stretch films keeps products free of dust, moisture and dirt.

  • Quickly and easily wrap & secure loads to increase worker productivity.

  • Better Product Protection

  • Stretch Films are perfect for quick and easy use.


Barbhaya Industries is a leading Stretch Film Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE with many years of experience. We deliver quality and offer competitive advantage to our customers. Given the constant changes in marketplace, we provide affordable packing costs, manage packing waste and increase packing speed. We strive to have innovative and sustainable growth ensuring that our customers needs are met.

At Barbhaya Industries we offer our clients consistent, quality products with timely deliveries. We are known for customer loyalty due to a fully dedicated expert team that strives for customer satisfaction. When it comes to wrapping it, packing it, bagging it or protecting it, Barbhaya Industries is the place to go. We are Stretch Film Dealers providing our customers with affordable products that suit their needs.

We are leaders in the packaging and adhesive industry. At Barbhaya, we create world class products for the packaging industry locally. We are available round the clock and flexible to work with.
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